Orakuru Weekly #009 is here.

The Testnet is over, and we focus on the road forward.

Our first client is soon to be revealed.

For our node validators, the testnet rewards distribution is ready.

Waiting for the prediction market rewards? Stay tuned.

… And our stunning home page is soon live.

In this weekly, we give you a preview of the homepage, talk about the importance of oracles such as Orakuru and highlight new governance proposals.

Orakuru’s all-in-one Home

The last few weeks have been quite eventful.

Firstly, Orakuru is becoming multi-chain after a successful Testnet event.

After discussing with the Solana team, Orakuru agreed. The Sol Foundation will provide funding to help us build crucial infrastructure on Solana.

Our Sakura Testnet event has played out successfully over two weeks and ended today at 15:00 UTC.

Guess what’s next? That’s right, mainnet

In addition, Orakuru’s very first client is secured and is soon ready to be revealed.

Solana Summer

Node validators are operating flawlessly.

Governance page is on fire.

Prediction markets are blowing up.

The Testnet is in full swing.

Meanwhile, the team is working on chain agnosticism. That’s right, Orakuru is planning to go cross-chain.

This of course depends on the response from our community, but we have a good feeling. After all, who doesn’t like more alternatives?

Before our mainnet goes live, we’re setting our eyes towards several EVM-based chains.

If you haven’t taken the hint yet, it’s Polkadot & Solana.

However, it is important to keep in mind that everything about this is still fresh —…

Orakuru weekly #006 is here, and we have some big news!

We have seized our very first client. We will expand on this soon.

This is a big step towards our goal of becoming one of the biggest Oracle’s, as we have the opportunity to showcase why Orakuru will be necessary for Defi’s future. Our goal within 1 year is to secure 10–20 clients. And with just 20 clients, Orakuru will be in the top three of used oracles…

Our Sakura Testnet Event is LIVE! This is among our first major roadmap goals, which is a massive step before launching…

Our testnet event, leaderboard and predictions markets, are now Live.

The team behind the crystal ball has been in complete crunch building out an entire, complete, prediction market, just to demonstrate the power of ORK.

This specifically illustrates to our potential clients one of three core products that Orakuru will provide, including ad-hoc demands. These are arbitrary requests which can be for almost anything, allowing dApps to sell a wider variety of products while maintaining greater security.

If you’re a token holder, a community contributor, a member of the core team, or a node-validator, there’s something for everybody. We pride…

Weeks go by, and we continue to build.

We have released our dashboard, coupled with additional features like linear vesting, data feeds, Sakura, and governance. This will be the central hub where you can access all our future functionalities.

We are about a week away from the testnet launch, a lot of development has been done, and all the work will soon come to fruition.

You can expect more frequent announcements and updates on how this whole event will unfold as the date approaches.

This article will showcase testnet node applicants, some of the current active governance proposals, Sakura closing…

We are thrilled to announce that our linear vesting feature, complete with its own Orakuru-designed UI, is now LIVE, effectively replacing the monthly full unlock. From this point on, linear vesting is applied, allowing users to claim their $ORK on a block-by-block basis as they see fit.

This change was agreed upon by the majority of Orakuru’s private- and seed investors. Our goal with this change is to guarantee a more even delivery and prevent token dumps into the circulating supply every month.

Orakuru Owned UI

Rather than going through the hassle of claiming tokens on bscscan, our designers have completed an Orakuru-owned…

We are approaching the launch date of our testnet event, Sakura, with every passing day. In no more than two weeks, everything should be ready. We highly appreciate all the input and feedback at https://governance.orakuru.io/ and Discord. The community feedback has been excellent so far.

For Orakuru’s community update #004 we will share some details about Sakura, the prediction market, our product, governance discourse, and our ongoing plan to be decentralised completely

Prediction market UI

In the last few community updates, we have had quite a lot to show. Now our attention is pointed towards you, our community. We have received a lot of interesting proposals through our governance page, with excellent feedback and propositions.

The whole point of being a community-governed oracle is to have an interactive community that takes an active part in the process of the project. Looking at the number of participants, we are pleased to see that we are on the right path.

This community update will focus on the upcoming testnet event and governance proposals.


The testnet event is…

Orakuru weekly #002 is here, and what a week it has been. We are getting closer towards one of our first significant goals for each passing day, running our testnet event. This also means liquidity staking and node validators can soon reap their well-earned rewards.

But before this, we have some work to do. As mentioned many times before, Orakuru aims to be a community-governed oracle. That is a major promise from us to you, which we wholeheartedly intend to keep.

That is why we have put a lot of effort into kickstarting our governance page and building an interactive…


The Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is Binance smart chain’s community-verified oracle. Unstoppable, all-seeing. http://orakuru.io/ / https://orakuru.io/whitepaper.pdf

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