Orakuru Weekly: June 1st, 2021

Node validators are operating flawlessly.

Governance page is on fire.

Prediction markets are blowing up.

The Testnet is in full swing.

Meanwhile, the team is working on chain agnosticism. That’s right, Orakuru is planning to go cross-chain.

This of course depends on the response from our community, but we have a good feeling. After all, who doesn’t like more alternatives?

Before our mainnet goes live, we’re setting our eyes towards several EVM-based chains.

If you haven’t taken the hint yet, it’s Polkadot & Solana.

However, it is important to keep in mind that everything about this is still fresh — and depending on the response from our community, this is subject to change.

Going Multichain?

There is a good possibility for Orakuru to get a grant from Solana.

Essentially, if it all works out, this is how it will look:

They have essential things they need built related to oracles and infrastructure.

They will send us different ideas, we forward them to our community.

Then we build. Together.

Going cross-chain helps us to access a wider audience of clients and community members.

We will be able to profit from the quick innovation and enthusiasm that will occur in new L1 chains like Polkadot & Solana.

We consider chain agnosticism to be crucial for our growth.

Testnet, so far

We are officially one week into the testnet event.

We figure that requires an overview of the current highlights.

50 node validators operating flawlessly✅

Leaderboard is LIVE✅

Prediction markets are LIVE✅

Special projects actively submitted ✅

Proposals actively submitted✅

No, that’s not a typo (24,000 participants)

Orakuru Prediction Markets https://app.orakuru.io/prediction/

We have an astounding 24,000 individual wallets participating in our prediction markets.

Imagine if we launch this on the mainnet.

And this is just one of Orakuru’s capabilities…

If you want your questions highlighted in our prediction markets, you can still contribute here: https://governance.orakuru.io/t/help-us-find-questions-for-sakura-testnet-sneak-peak/1650

From the 21st of May until the 7th of June, we need fascinating questions to put into the Orakuru.

World events such as the Champions League final, the outcomes of a presidential election, or the quantity of vaccinations delivered in a certain nation may all be interesting estimates.

Help us BUILD (special projects)

On every possible occasion, we will remind you, our dear community, of the existence of special projects. This is where you can bring forth your skills, be it developing, designing, marketing, etc.

If you think you can provide Orakuru with something of worth, then please check out the link below.


We have two major special project proposals that are active right now.

Proposed a special project:

Defi Samurai Dashboard: Defi’s Trusted Dojo

Suggested by community member IndiaSonInLaw



Build a Trusted Hub of Defi Information that helps everyone succeed.


  • oh Defi. The land of 10000% APY and Rugpulls. The land of untold fortunes in airdrops, and unspeakable losses in hacks.
  • Through all of this, Defi isn’t going away. It is still only in its infancy. And because of this, the Defi market provides incredible opportunities for those willing to venture into that world.
  • Defi is severely lacking in dependability, or at least the ability to monitor it successfully. If this was fixed, institutional money and the trust of potential long-term retail investors would inject true value into the Defi space.

Specification & Key features

  • Whale wallet tracking
  • APY/APR Tracking (highest/lowest/newest/most volatile) One such site is https://defiyield.app/ 2 but they are looking to be a cross-asset manager.
  • Exchange/coin uptimes/hacks/exploits Monitor
  • Upcoming Airdrops/IPO/IDO
  • Rugpull Analyzer
  • Ecosystem Aggregator

Proposed a special project:

Hydra: Orakuru’s Unified Monitoring Platform

Suggested by community member crypto_buddha



Hydra: Orakuru’s Unified Monitoring Platform


Building a centralized & community-powered Monitoring Platform for ORK.


  • As ORK is an on-chain Oracle, some of the factors like network availability, node availability, pricing feed’s latency & deviations play a vital role in adopting the protocol for any reputed projects; So it creates a necessity to proactively monitor the network.
  • A lot of communities need help in monitoring the nodes, as they lack the necessary skillset to deploy/manage complex monitoring systems.
  • For most of the projects, again the validator has to spend time on setting the right monitoring platform for the node’s availability.
  • As an Oracle; having visibility on Network & Feed quality can increase the level of trust among the participants as well as the clients.
  • Most of the projects track the system metrics and service metrics very differently, and the admins have to navigate between the two. As the success of the overall network depends on both, this proposal will combine both of the metrics under a single umbrella.

Governance Highlights

Our discourse page is not only reserved for special projects. It can literally be for anything. Any proposal, discussion or request can be submitted.

Submitted a proposal: Orakuru ICON Contest!

Suggested by community member deep



Orakuru ICON Contest


Orakuru has a great artistic style, but our current ICON is not very conspicuous, and it is not easy to make MEME, which hinders the growth of our community. I propose to conduct an ICON design competition to select a better ICON.


Grow our community and increase our influence


Activity time → 2 weeks (may be divided into 2 stages)

Event registration date → June 1st

Event start date → mid-June

Number of participants → unlimited

Total prize pool for all awards→200,000 USD (tentative)

Main specifications:

Publish your own designed ICON through Twitter\WEchat\INS, etc. and add tags to facilitate our collection After collecting, select outstanding works for the second round of public selection No KYC Dedicated Discord channel Serious participants can get participation awards


Grow our community and increase our influence


There may be some fraud/dupes

Are you bored of just seeing English written? Our governance website also serves as a platform for members of the community to connect, regardless of nationality.

For Japanese https://governance.orakuru.io/t/japanese-community/1348

By community-member powerplant999

For Turkish https://governance.orakuru.io/t/turkish-community/2053

By community-member cryptofun

For Chinese https://governance.orakuru.io/t/chinese-community/876

By community-member lianshi00

We appreciate all proposals at https://governance.orakuru.io/. We will continue to highlight and repeat active, relevant threads. They are vital to Orakuru’s continued growth and aspiring goal to be fully community-governed.

As such, the fate of any proposal is left for the ORK Samurais to decide upon…🔮

Learn More About Orakuru:

*A trustless feed of prices and off-chain data powering the 3.0.*

*BSC’s community-owned and operated oracle.*

*Unstoppable, all-seeing.*


The Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is Binance smart chain’s community-verified oracle. Unstoppable, all-seeing. http://orakuru.io/ / https://orakuru.io/whitepaper.pdf

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