Orakuru VC Partners cont. 2

Orakuru has a lot of exciting news coming. Until then, we’ll carry on building and connecting.

Seeking and collaborating with the best partners and advisors is an integral part of our growth. Orakuru has been exceedingly fortunate in this regard, as it has worked with seasoned collaborators, well-known VCs, and partners.

Since the Orakuru team is committed to excellence, we have formed a partnership with several major brands within crypto. They will be crucial in helping Orakuru achieve greater success in BSC and beyond.

Welcome, TrustDAO, Vendetta Capital, and Jun Capital to the growing Orakuru family.


TrustDAO Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Firm. Focuses on accelerating and providing support such as marketing, community building, advisory, network introductions and funding for innovative early stage projects.


Vendetta capital

Vendetta Capital has brought together a multi-disciplinary team that has immense experience spanning from investing, portfolio management, and capital markets to marketing and blockchain technology. Vendetta invests in, leads, and helps projects to accelerate developing novel solutions to address the core issues of scalability, privacy, and interoperability for decentralized protocols and applications.


Jun Capital

A team of highly experienced, regionally-trusted, and locally-connected partners, senior advisors, advisors, and thought leaders that proactively source high-quality investment opportunities and token offering projects. JUN provides Asian investors with a deep telescope into the world’s three leading innovation ecosystems across multiple emerging and converging technologies; including blockchain and the rapid evolution of crypto-financing.

We look forward to collaborating.

Learn More About TrustDAO:


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*A trustless feed of prices and off-chain data powering the 3.0.*

*BSC’s community-owned and operated oracle.*

*Unstoppable, all-seeing.*


The Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is Binance smart chain’s community-verified oracle. Unstoppable, all-seeing. http://orakuru.io/ / https://orakuru.io/whitepaper.pdf

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